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The one thing all homeowners should do NOW


The one thing all homeowners should do NOW

Until I became a Realtor, I had no idea how important it was to do this one tiny thing. It costs you nothing. It takes almost no time. But it can make a big difference when you need to sell:


Here’s an example of a list from a home that was recently on the market in Austin. 

An improvement or “upgrades” list is a trend that started with house flippers but has spread in our market to everyday sellers. In some ways, it’s more in-depth than the seller’s disclosure required by the standard single-family contract in Texas. So what goes on an upgrades list? It can be anything that might enhance the value of your home in the eyes of a buyer.

Got an expensive new HVAC system? Put it on the list.

New dishwasher? It goes on the list.

Painted your entire house plus installed new carpets? Definitely should go on the list.

Even something as minor as smart-home technology, such as a Ring doorbell or a smart sprinkler system is worth noting if you plan on conveying it with the house.

Lilly Rockwell is a licensed real estate agent and former journalist in Austin, TX.